Is Round Robin The Best Way To Assign leads?

Vidushi Jain

Round robin might be the fairest way to assign lead but does it help dealerships maximize sales & profits? Comparing two of the key lead assignment modes that Braango offers.

Would to hear what you would prefer at your dealership. Please comment with your preferred mode and why.

What Are Round Robin And Lead Grabber Modes?

In Round Robin mode, all sales reps are assigned leads in a rotational order. It is like distributing cookie to kids in a line, one at a time, and when the line is over you again start from the front.  On the other hand, in Lead Grabber mode, a lead is broadcasted to all sales rep and the one who grabs/responds to the lead first gets it. One can relate it with Jeopardy! Buzzer, you get to answer if you press the buzzer first.


Chris Murray

Being available and prompt is still not the best salesperson necessarily. Your criteria is consultant driven NOT sales driven Vidushi.

Vidushi Jain

Agreed Chris. But as a business I prefer improving overall sales & efficiency vs improving sales through few best sales reps.

Research shows that contacting a customer within 5 minutes increases probability of lead qualification 20x vs when contacted in 30 minutes. And this is the efficiency that lead grabber aims at. The mode is designed to reduce latency due to unavailability or lack of motivation and to incentivize all sales reps to engage with customers sooner than later. 

Chris Murray

Thats all consultant speak but I will not belabor the point any longer. I will always outproduce my competitor by having the best of the best handling all leads.

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