Is Tesla REALLY the big bad wolf? I don't think so, and here's why...

Big Tom LaPointe

tesla response timeSpeaker after speaker at conferences throw up Tesla as an example of industry revolution. Certainly the company is pushing OEMs to stretch their technology legs and lawyers can work out the franchise law impact. But the reality is that their digital marketing and processes seem more like a typical dealer. 

Proof is in the attached graphic that promises a shopper that they will receive a response to their trade-in quote request within 24 hours. 

TWENTY-FOUR HOURS?! I know from experience that a Tesla dealer will typically respond faster, but this underwhelming follow-up commitment is proof that dealers who are spot-on with their response and follow-up can easily compete and BE the wolf, not FEAR the wolf. 

Dealer Guy

Any given lead...

On any given day...

has the same potential as the rest.

KEY difference is what you do with that lead. No brand or ego is immune from bad follow up.

I don't know too many people rushing to spend $100,000 and Tesla's are not in short supply.

mark rask

This is a good point....its up to each dealer as to how they set up processes to handle clients 


DJ Snyder

The overall website experience on Tesla's website is top notch.  In your example, Tesla is setting the expectations, and you just stated that they typically don't take that long. This is Tesla under promising and overachieving while most dealers are demanding that I come in to have my car looked at. 

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