Is The Automotive Industry Ready To Shift To The Gig Economy

Dr. Harold Elam Jr

Let me start with what is a Gig Economy?


In a gig economy, there are temporary, flexible and freelance opportunities made available to independent contractors who can now serve your customers; professionally, faster and for less. A gig economy undermines the traditional economy of full-time workers and focuses on opportunities.

The automotive industry during this active and volatile economy needs to shift RIGHT NOW! The Automotive Industry is already in The Right Position, both financially and logistically to shift into the Gig Economy! We can create a new standard and profitable platform for the OEM, the customer and the Neighborhood Dealership.

Are We Ready For This?

Chris K Leslie

How do you see this playing out? 

Paul Jones

I don't know if I follow? Are you talking about turning employees into independent contractors?

I think there are some salespeople who would love the shot of being able to sell at multiple dealerships, at the same time, as a gig worker. You wouldn't have to be dealer loyal, and if your up wants a certain vehicle that isn't at the dealership you are at that day (or a similar one has a better gross at another dealer), you schedule an appointment to show a different vehicle at another dealership they gig at on Tuesdays and Thursdays to make the sale.

Gig BDC workers? gig mechanics or service reps? Many dealers already use gig workers for photos, website management, digital marketing, graphic design, and video production-- jobs that already work well in the gig economy.

I'd really like to hear more about what essential parts of the automotive dealer outside of sales reps you thing might work.

Morgan Hardy

Yes, I think this is the way to go. Especially for BDC and Marketing. While it's nice to have someone in-house, it is difficult to do with everything going on. 

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