Keeping Accurate Inventory Logs

Matt Lamberth

There is a time differential between when a sale is punched at the desk, when it is punched in finance, and when the vehicle is taken off the inventory log on the website as well as our CRM's inventory manager.  This is a constant annoyance in the BDC for many reasons and especially because the BD Reps do not have the luxury of being out on the lot to check if the car is actually still here.

Any suggestions for how to best keep up with this type situation?  

Katy Broshears

Are your BDC reps at the store? I would usually do a lot walk or ask a manager when I did them. It might be a good practice to have the managers check in with you every day with a list of what sold the day before so you can keep up as well.

Katy Broshears

We also had a daily log in the managers office with what sold, so if I couldn't find anyone I could always check that.

Matt Lamberth

I should be this simple.  Somehow it never quite works out the way I would hope.  

Roger Detanico

The simplest answer is to give any customer-interacting employee access to inventory (view at minimum) management functions. Either it's a manufacturer intranet, the DMS, or ideally in the CRM; any team member who is interacting with a client should be able to answer a simple question: Is the car available?

Alternatively, if your dealership culture is "the car is always available", make sure word tracks and staff training supports that methodology. 

There is no wrong or right approach (or mentality)... the devil is in the consistent execution of the process on how you decide to pass information to your clients.

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