Lead Conversion %

Jeff White
What rule do you follow for lead conversion for lead/appointment and appointment/show.
Paul Lappage
"Think 60%" --- You should set 60 appointments for every 100 Internet leads. 60% of these should show. 60% of these should sell. So a 21.6% conversion rate. A little on the high side? Maybe. But it depends on your market and lead quality. Something to shoot toward, at least.
Megan Barto
That's a tough question with quite a few variables. Are you looking at "total leads" or just "good leads" Are you looking at used v new? And are you looking at individual lead sources? Your website leads should always closer higher than 3rd party leads...
Jeff White
Lets just start with total leads. I need to look at the big picture. We get about 600-700 internet leads total and I know what number I would be happy with, but I just need to know if that is realistic.
Ron Ruf
There can be some variance in the metrics. We strive for 50% set appointments from the total leads. We want to see 75% of those set appointments walk in the door. 50% of those should close. If those work out, your overall closing percentage should be 19-20%. If you are getting 600 VIABLE leads, that should equal 115+ sales. I say viable because it is easy to get a lot of leads - if you don't mind paying for everybody who fills out any online form. We had one lead provider that we closed less than 4% of their 'leads'. Time will tell you where to spend your money, and where NOT to spend it!
Tori Zinger

Matthew Thomas posted this helpful related forum post this week:  Why Your Internet Leads Convert at Less Than 20% NET


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