Lead Follow up charts

Lauren Moses
Since I have so much on my plate I often forget to properly follow up with my online leads. Anyone have maybe an excel sheet that you attach to each lead to keep up with your follow ups? Just trying to find something easier so I don't forget as much and can really make a difference in our online lead numbers.
John Sevier
Lauren what type of CRM are you using? Most CRMs should help you keep track of who you need to try and contact that day.
Ron Henson
Hey Lauren, Please forgive the candor, but if you are the one in your store handling the internet leads and you have too much on your plate to properly follow up with them, you have a severely broken structure that needs to be fixed asap. Money is blowing out the door every single day. Also, to echo what John said, do you have a CRM?
Lauren Moses
Yes we do John and Ron, To me it's severely out dated and for whatever reason I can't get it to remind me for my follow-ups. Honestly, I track alot of it back to next to no training. I have really had to learn as I go on our back end of the website, our crm, etc. I have had lots of help from people on here that have the same systems as us to make it a little easier but I still have my days. @Ron, There are lots of things around here that really need to be fixed and I'm working a little at a time to get things changed. It's baby steps and I know I need to just MAKE time for my follow-ups it's just a matter of how much I'm needed elsewhere for the day.
Shawn Ryder
Lauren - what if you could track the user on your web site and in turn automate communication to them, ensuring that they are followed up with in a timely fashion?
Lauren Moses
Shawn, It sounds good but right now I'm just looking for something to keep me straight on who all I have contacted and how recently. Not another vendor for our dealership to sign up with, no offense just want to lay it out straight. From what I've heard there is a way to actually set reminders I'm just having a hard time getting it to work for me.

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