Lead Ideas

Joe Simonini
Just checking to see what everyone is doing for leads(not including buying them). I have found myself at a dealership that spends very little to nothing on internet marketing but expects big results. Just trying to get a few ideas. the only thing that the dealership currently participates in is TrueCar and Oem leads.
Lauren Moses
We use cars.com. We do get a few leads from cargurus, but as far as I know we aren't paying to be listed with them. So I'm not sure how they are getting our info and everything. we did go check out their site though and it definitely seemed to be pretty neat. May be worth looking into.
Chris K Leslie
What results is he looking at? More leads, more sales, or higher sell thru from current leads?
Josh Ledbetter
I don't want to vomit my company all over you, but that is exactly what we do. Help people use their own website to drive traffic. Our clients use their website as an interactive customer community. Drives customers of the dealership to the site that have already bought cars. More organic leads which tend to be much better than the junk from other lead generators. Especially since nearly eighty percent of revenue comes from a third of the previous customer base.
Cody Jerry
Your website should be #1. Are you ranking in the top 3 for searches like "used cars in 'your city'," "car dealerships in 'your city'" and all the searches for your make and model? If not, then you have opportunity to grow your traffic and leads. Do you rank in the top 5 for your surrounding cities with the same manufacturer as yours? If not, there is more traffic you can go after. All it takes is quality content and quality links, which is possible to do on your own. Other things that I've seen work great, depending on market, are PPC, Email Your Database, Direct Mail Your Database, Retargeting, Videos on Youtube, Social Media and good ol' traditional marketing. Cars.com, Autotrader.com, Car Gurus and Car Soup all have their places. It really takes examining how they perform in your market, and making the decision. You can also Co-op PPC, Emails, Direct Mail, Retargeting and Traditional Advertising through Dodge. Just find some approved vendors.
Dustin Lyons
Cody has some great comments, making sure your website comes up with a variety of different search phrases will definitely help. Also videos and social media can be huge as well. And Josh is right in that utilizing your existing database and existing customers will create much better leads than some of the other possible leads generators. Like Josh, that is also what my company does, help dealers and sales people get more leads and make more gross on those leads through utilizing online video, secondary websites, integrating social media etc... My clients have seen great increase in email open rates, email response rates, more appointments, and more deals by using my tools. In addition to more leads they have seen an increase of around $600 per car on leads coming from using these tools. The main reason is that it creates leads based on value and the relationship rather than a price. When a lot of third party generators are driving $3000 of MSRP, or $1000 under invoice, or over inflated trade value leads to your store where all the gross is gone before the customer gets there, we help you make better use of your existing customers and their relationships and drive leads where price is the last thing that is talked about. Let me know if you want more info and I am always happy to help. It can be tough when the dealership doesn't want to spend much for marketing, so try using online video, leveraging your customers social media, setting up referral networks with people outside the dealership, and do everything you can to market to your existing customers, like utilizing the service drive and the appointments that they have. This can be an easy goldmine if you can send emails and market to the people who are coming in that week for service and offer them a free appraisal or a test drive while they wait.

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