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Mary Lynch

Has anyone had the role of a lead supervisor in their stores? They would basicly be the internet manager and oversee all the sales people that are responding to leads to be sure they are being handled properly and responded to. I am working on coming up with a job description and pay plan. Any input would be great! Thanks!

Chris K Leslie

So basically you are hiring a BDC Manager? or do the internet people have the ability to sell a car too? 


Mary - Absolutely. This is usually an assistant or several assistant managers for the BDC who oversee lead distribution and accountability. Often in larger BDC's I have at least one assistant at all times monitoring the lead flow. This ensures that the if the BDM is called into a meeting, onto the floor to assist with a deal/customer ect. there is someone steering the ship. Total redundancy to ensure all opportunities are captured. This person(s) must be able to perform not well under pressure and still hit their own numbers and be a top performer.

As far as pay plan there is no additional compensation above and beyond what an assistant manager receives for compensation. 

Anne Shaneen

I've seen the duties you're describing in multiple roles, mostly in the Owner Loyalty Manager role. Despite the person being 'owner' focused, they always seem to be the people that have the power in the dealership to 'Make things right' with a customer or prospect. If that's the type of person you are looking for, an OLM may be the closest thing. You could also look for an 'experience manager' who could manage the customer + prospect journey. 

mark rask

Bdc manager does it at our store

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