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Ralph Coppola

Hello everyone, What is the average amount of leads a BD Agent should handle each month?

Chris K Leslie

We've settled in on about 100 active leads at any time. 

John Sevier

I would agree with Chris but that number should be malleable depending on what else you have them doing.  For example, do their other responsibilities include taking inbound phone calls, equity mining, service, etc.?  There are some BDCs that have their Agents/Reps responsible for a multitude of different things.  Don't forget to look at the whole picture instead of just a piece of it.

Dealer Guy

100 is more than enough.

Into month 2, they have 200 leads to contend with.

Month 3, there's 300 to manage.

Month 4 and 5 - you should be very busy.

A seasoned sales pro will have trouble managing 100 fresh ups per month.

Every BDC Manager should perform at a level equal to, or better than, any BDC agent. They must be able to show they too can make the calls, follow up video mails, set appointments, etc.

mark rask

125 is the number that we use

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