Lead Turnover

Morgan Hardy

At what point are your BDC leads turned over to a salesperson, if at all? Do the managers do this or your BDC reps?

Jeff Bollinger

The most successful I"ve seen is doing a warm turn over, greeting the customer at the door, physically introducing the sales person, building a bit of rapport, and walking away.

Sales management/people have little confidence in a well run BDC's ability, statistics and reality aside, if you have to let them be involved, let them have a plan for longer term follow up after the sales person either reaches out once and never again.

Bart Wilson

@Jeff, this makes a lot of sense. You would need to have the BDC in the store for it to work, but a warm hand-off is always best. Any time you can get the BDC and the sales departments to work together you're on a good path. Too often there is a disconnect between the two departments.

Martins Ville

This made me think about the days I did the handoff with my BDC or myself - after moving away from the original cradle to grave relationship internet managers had, and still do. 

After the BDC did their job by following up with the customer, sometimes for weeks or months to only finally reach them on the phone after the gazillionth attempt. And then to having to mitigate all the concerns the customers have, from product to pricing, and try to answer all the questions prior to them agreeing to come in for an appointment. Then once they finally make it in and we do the handoff for the BDC and the internet manager it's mystery time.

If we made the sale, fantastic we did our job correctly.

If we didn't make the sale who's responsible for the follow-up, and was that initial introduction to our dealership impactful enough to make them remember us, and actually specifically the sales person.

Lacking in my portfolio at the time, now that I reminisce, I wish I would have treated appointments more like a customers booking a ride on an Uber.

I wish once I made the handoff that the customer immediately got an email and text linking them to the sales person's profile. Kind of like an Uber profile, with stars and comments, and tidbits that personalize the salesperson.

By this point the connection was made in the handoff is now to the point where we're in a fact-finding session selecting vehicles and going for a test drive.

Many dealership websites lack important information about biographies, and we have to remember the experience with the dealership is really a personal one on one normally between the sales person and the customer, and lastly F&I.

In summer I think some technology can be deployed to fuse the experience it's like the customer's brains a little bit more with some fresh ideas and using current technologies.

Marc Lavoie

Warm handoff is best, but if it's not possible, you're better off booking the appointment with the best person available and manage expectations.

Otherwise, people feel confused and lost when they come in if "Ryan" does not exist.

Morgan Hardy

We are required to set all appointments in a sales manager's name. Sometimes, they will give out those appointments ahead of time, most cases not. If a salesperson assists us with something prior to the appointment being set, they will often step in and reach out to the customer- which is ok if they communicate with us. 

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