Leads on Sold Units

Victoria Dillabough

We started a cash for clunkers program, so the influx of leads on sold units is a lot... how do you guys handle these? do you send comparables? often times there isn't a "comparable" on the lot... do you keep these? mark lost? 

Mariah Chapek

I send out comps, usually a good mix of similar price points, makes and models in an attempt to re-direct them. Ideally I will build a wish-list for them after making direct contact that includes the specifics they are looking for, that way I don't have to keep attempting to re-engage them fruitlessly. I generally lose these leads within 60 days if there has been no contact. 

Amanda Hanson

we try to but if we don’t get a response on a very unique unit we mark it deadness - you guys?

Amanda Hanson

that being said, we do send comparable sales if we are able to first 

Amanda Hanson


Victoria Dillabough

@Mariah - how many emails, etc do you send in that 60 days? 

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