Leads over a long weekend

Victoria Dillabough

What do you guys do with "long weekend" leads? This morning I came in to 70 new after the Canadian holiday, and it took me all morning to get responses/videos out and that was WITH replying to them yesterday and say info was coming. Brain exploding. 

Mariah Chapek

I make a good habit of emptying our lead bucket, if possible, on Sunday. Additionally, I find it immensely helpful to come in at least an hour before we open for business on Mondays so I can crack them out while maintaining a low response time average. 

Derrick Woolfson

@Victoria! I feel you, haha! One thing I have done in the past is add a "text us" number to the auto-responder (weekends/after hours only), and those that were responsive via text I just handled the leads then. That seemed to help out a lot, as it can be insane to try and handle all of the leads at once upon return!!!

Martins Ville

You need to hire more help. Those 200-300 leads for a few months quickly turn into 1,000 leads in the bucket. And I guarantee they're being underserved. It's impossible to properly handle those many as one person. You need to hire staff, delegate the responsibility and burden among the team. 

Martins Ville

And if the dealership isn't willing to commit to adding more staff to properly handle internet leads, then I think they're not committed to real success you might want to update your resume! Just saying.

Mark Rask

That is a lot of leads 

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