Leads vs appointments vs sales

If our BDC team gets 300 leads a month through internet and phone ups, how many appointments should we get and how many sold units?
Chris K Leslie
How many do you think you should have?
Robert Karbaum
Most of this is fairly standard except for the Lead to Appt%. This can range from 15%-40% depending on the type of lead, strength of the BDC rep, etc. From appointments it's easy. Ballpark 50% of your appointments will show, and 50% will buy. So, if you can obtain a 25% lead to appointment ratio it would look like this: 300 Leads 75 Appointments 37.5 Shown 18.75 Purchase
@Robert Thanks so much it looks like we are exceeding the expectation in this regard then!
mark rask
i agree with robert
Kevin Reid
The stronger your process the higher your results. Our bench mark is to actually have a conversations with at least 50% of our leads. and set an appointment for 30% of the total leads minimum. If you're not confirming appointments you'll probably get about half of those appointments to actually show up, if your're confirming more like 75%. At least half of all shown appointments should close if they receive a proper demo/test drive and TO.

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