Leads w/no phone # or a bad #

Tori Zinger

Does anyone have any magic tricks (okay, or just helpful hints) for engaging an internet lead that doesn't submit a phone number (or submits a fake/disconnected number) and isn't responsive to email?

Derrick Woolfson

Depending on which type of Internet lead it is (dealer website vs. third party) changes how I respond to the customer inquiry. If it is a dealer website lead w/ out a phone number the customer (in most cases) will ask a question regarding the vehicle - i.e. best price, etc. - to which I would send a subject line: "ATTN: You Do Not Want to Miss this ONE!," which has not only yielded an incredible open rate but a great response rate. Creating a sense of FOMO - In the email, I ask for a number that I can provide them their requested information. If the lead is a third party lead (especially on a new unit) then they are most likely still doing their research on which vehicle they are going to purchase not having narrowed it down to one OEM. In that case, I would offer to them "thanks for taking the time to inquire on the vehicle. We are one of their partners and work very closely with them. Is this the only make and model you are considering?" 

The idea is to keep it short, sweet, and to the point - and more often than not the customer will reply. Whether that is asking more questions or to inquire about coming into the store. It is not to say that these tricks work all of the time, but it hasn't hurt us! 

Tori Zinger

Oh, I really like these ideas, Derrick - especially the one about not wanting to miss this ONE. I would for sure open that email if I had submitted a lead on an OEM website/for a specific vehicle. Thanks for sharing!

Chris K Leslie

I think I might just start sending people gifs of me trying to call them,

Tori Zinger

Chris, proof or it didn't happen!

Mike Cartwright

We do a lot of follow-ups that entails different email strategies. We try to increase the sense of urgency with each email follow-up we send. And we also send a break-up email before moving on and leaving the lead behind.

But one thing we try to implement these days is connecting with prospects via social media platforms. We do our own research and we look for them across different networks. We are still in the early stages but we are trying to test if it's a better way to nurture leads.

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