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Brandon Brletich

Hello all. I am a BDC employee and part of my job is making intial contact with our internet/email customers. My goal is to reach every lead within minutes of receiving it. If I leave a message and assign it to a member of the sales staff, they will call several hours later and introduce themselves as the salesperson. One thing I'm noticing is that customers have been calling back and responding quicker to the salesperson, despite my message being left only minutes after they submitted their inquiry. Obviously, this is not a major problem, as the dealership is still getting business. However, I'd like to ensure that I'm doing the best I possibly can in my position. My message is generally like this:

"Hello, my name is X, the Guest Services Representative at *dealership*. I'm calling in regards to your online inquiry on the 2016 *make/model*. Please give me a call back at *phone number*, and once again, ask for X. Thank you, and I look forward to speaking with you!"

If there is any kind of specific question or caveat in the submitted lead, I will touch on it in the message, but for the most part the leads come in bare bones. If the customer mentions financing, I will throw in "We do offer 100% guaranteed credit approval", or if they mention a trade, I'll say something along the lines of giving us the opportunity to appraise their trade.

I try to keep my message short, sweet, and to the point. Because I know from experience if I check my voicemail and see a 2-minute long message that I know is from a dealership, I might not even listen to it at all. I also try to avoid any gimmicky or cheesy-sounding lines ("It's a beautiful day to come buy a car!", etc.). So without drawing out the message too long or sounding like a stereotype, is there anything else that I can add that influences a potential customer to call me back? My gut tells me that my message might possibly be too vague or generic, and that because I'm not a salesperson or manager, the customer may be waiting for someone more "important" to reach them before answering their phone or returning a call.

Like I said, as long as the customer gets back to us and the dealership has an opportunity to make a sale, I'm happy. I would just like to do the best that I can with the duties that I have. I would appreciate any and all advice or tips!



Hey Brandon,

To increase your call backs, I've seen tremendous success with a simple saying at the very end of your voicemail message: "And don't worry if you don't get ahold of me, I'll try you later on before I leave for the day, thanks and have a great day" This does a few things. 

One - it demonstrates to the customer that you are a professional - and that you are likely different than most other appointment coordinators. 

Two - the customer will feel more of an urgency to call YOU back because they don't want endless calls, but at that point it's on you to confidently ask for the appointment when they DO call back and be ready to provide the reasons and advantages (to the customer) to do so. Simply put, it puts a small amount of pressure on the customer and increases the immediacy to take the next (CTA) in calling you back. 

As far as credit challenged credit customers, I wouldn't recommend leaving a voicemail with any claims about approval rate, acceptance etc. for several reasons. I'm a fan of leaving a more vague message like " I've got some good news, please give me a call back at your earliest opportunity". The customer doesn’t know if the "good news" means he/she is approved, if there's a sale on the vehicle... it leaves a bit up to the customers’ imagination without having to use all of your ammo on the voicemail. 

Generally, it's best of only one department focus on and follow up with un-responded leads, ideally the BDC, as it allows for a more streamlined process. Additionally, one could make the argument "The sales person got the customer in, not the BDC", which can also cause confusion and animosity as well. With that said, I hope some of that was helpful!

Chris K Leslie

Can't agree more.

Benshiro Akehi

Couldn't agree more. I'll use this starting today.

mark rask

I agree with leaving that   at the end.....we also have a lot of success with texting....you just have to make sure that you are compliant

Kyle Rutledge

Great conversation so far!


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