Less forms being filled out...why?

kelly hazlehurst

The newest stat I am hearing from vendors is that only 25% of website visitors are filling out forms.  Is this true or just another way for vendors to remove all accountability to drive leads?  If customers are filling out less forms and our marketing money is working then shouldn't we see an increase in showroom activity and/or phone ups?  If forms are not being filled out shouldn't we ask ourselves why?  Should we really abandon the idea that we can't acquire a lead this way?

Mark Rask

That seems to be the case for us 

Derrick Woolfson

@Kelly, I think customers - with mobile traffic continuing to increase - are calling into the dealership.  I also believe that dealer websites are becoming that much more valuable, and should be the top source for internet leads. The best thing to do is to speak with the marketing company you are using; look at VDP views, if you are noticing that units are not getting any views than it could be a multitude of issues; pricing, photos, call-to-actions, etc. As for form fills, the credit app tends to be the number one item filled out.  

Mark Rask

Derrick that is a good point c.....calling is so much easier 

Rich Ludlow

We've seen this as well, the vendors will try to dazzle you with "impression" stats and so forth. You are correct, if the form leads have dropped your phone ups should increase if the company you are using is being effective. Show me click through rate, unique visit trend, and total forms and phone lead comparisons month over month. That will tell if its working or not.

Bart Wilson

It's time for us to look holistically at our lead gen.  In other words, your site should encourage customers to contact your dealership in a myriad of ways, not just email or phone.  If done right, your lead forms may go down but your traffic could increase.

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