Lincoln Dealership Average New Units Per Month?

Jillian Marchewka
I have a "friend" *cough* me *cough* who may or may not be interviewing at a Lincoln Dealership in a major metropolitan area for an Internet Sales Manager Position. Just curious... if you are a Lincoln Dealership or a Ford/Lincoln, on average how many new Lincoln units per month are you moving? Also, is there anything else interesting to know about Lincoln stores, Ford Motor Co., etc? I am just trying to go into the meeting informed and on-point.
Lauren Moses
Jillian, Congrats! I can't say anything as far as numbers or anything but Crossing my fingers for you. Have some numbers together from what you have done at your current dealership from how many they were selling when you started to how many they are selling now. Be able to show them some improvement and what YOU can bring to them!
Robert Karbaum
I know that Ford has announced they will be seriously funding the Liconln brand in the coming years to increase sales. $2.5 billion investment. Details here:
Kemick Larson
Jillian, so here's the pitch... Lincoln is in the middle of a HUGE re-imaging campaign... Personally, Lincoln customers will grind you a lot harder than the typical Ford buyer. Volume wise, you are not looking at much (at least out here on the west cost) I am sure you have already looked up the line-up and know how awesome the MKZ is and also know that they just came out with the MKC to compliment the "size" of the Escape... From a customer standpoint, the idea is that it's an over priced Escape/Edge/Taurus/fusion... (I'm not talking about us in the industry, because we know better) I don't want to lead you away from Lincoln, but you are walking into a brand that currently doesn't even know what they stand for... they are trying to target high 20s to low 50s with their new designs, but are not keeping up with Lexus, Acura, Infinity, BMW, Mercedes... you get the idea... The most money I have ever made as a sales person was working for a Ford/Lincoln dealer... out of 20 cars in any given month, I would sell only 2-4 Lincolns.. I believe the store on it's best month did 30 Lincolns total...We weren't the biggest Lincoln dealership in our market, but the largest only did 45-50 per month... Please keep in mind, you are in PA and the market can be very different from the west coast markets (I worked in NW - Portland with Ford/Lincoln and Southern California - Central Orange County Ford/Lincoln) I would personally stay away from a Lincoln only store unless the pay-plan was out of this world amazing (or if the store had a phenomenal Pre-Owned inventory) Don't get me wrong... I am a Ford guy at heart, but you may be waiting a while for Lincoln to find themselves as a brand that is trying to separate themselves from the Ford cloud that looms over!
Lezlie Brannan
From a marketing standpoint, Lincoln is difficult. They hold their brand VERY close, and give dealers zero control over their marketing message, including limiting price points and an "ad covenant" system where they allow dealers to report each other for infractions like using the wrong font in an ad. Yes, seriously. On the other hand, if you hate cheesy marketing as much as I do, you'll enjoy having a good library of high end ad messages to use, including very nice digital ads.
Robert Karbaum
I would love to see this "ad covenant" system up close. Sounds very 1984-ish :P

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