looking for a service that a customer can get text of interested car

Shannon Parrett
i have alot of customers that want more pictures of a car, i'd like to go to like cars.com and send them more pictures of the car and my contact information. any services like that? thanks
Shawn Ryder
Would you be open to sending links to the pictures to the customer? I can work with you on some automated texting options.
Robert Karbaum
cDemo was an Innovation Cup winner of DSES in 2012. But you can also check out the vendor ratings for companies as well!
Grant Gooley
cDemo works really well for exactly what it seems you need! Check it out!
Adam Thrasher
Hi Shannon, we have a solution that may be what you are looking for. You can take photos, record a real video walkaround and collect as much info (including condition/damage) in a quick, efficient manner. A VDP that has all the info about the car is generated for the vehicle, which you can email, text or share it on your social media channels. I'd be happy to give you a demo.

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