Lost in Reconditioning

Jeff Bollinger

We're advertising our fresh acquisitions (trade/auction/lease returns/etc) on our website with a generic 'fresh arrival' stock image as soon as it's stocked in, the issue is our turn around in reconditioning is roughly 2-3 weeks+.

I"ve been working on a couple ways to engage the client and expand their interest beyond the vehicle they inquired on, but it's still not yielding great results.

Does anyone have a similar issue, and is there something I haven't thought of?


Lynetta Jawck

It could be a technical issue. You should consult with any technical expert. 

Mark Rask

That is a super long time for recon

Jeff Bollinger

Yeah, and it's not likely to improve.  It's been decided to market not ready vehicles as if we didn't have them online, we wouldn't receive the inquiry, although I've been able to show that our closing percentage on these inquires are minimal at best.

As I can't win this argument, just wanted to see if anyone had a thought as to how to maximise a lousy situation.

Carl Maeda

I can think of a couple ideas:

 Can you set up a pre-order  or wait list on those vehicles?  The customer puts down a deposit and "holds" the car until its' out of recon.  This would go great if you were able to offer a discount or a free service (like an oil change) on these types of preorders.  Once they pre-order the car, they can be emailed a brochure telling them of your great and thorough recon process.

Embrace the recon cars and set up a newsletter-style campaign where consumers can get notified of your new arrivals.  You can even have a separate inventory search page that showcases these vehicles.  Showcase why consumers should pre-order the car.  This can help expand your reach and sell some cars.

I hope this helps!


Mark Rask

Wait list might be a good idea

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