Make My Deal

Michael Smith

Has anyone worked with this program?  I am looking for ways  to allow our digital customers to interact with our dealership and it has caught my eye.


Carl Maeda

We have a few dealer-customers using this program and its' been performing well.  The leads generated from it close at a much higher rate.

Gary Walker

I used them at the Ford store that I worked at.  Generally a good tool and I agree with Carl regarding the higher close rate... my only problem with it was it is a seperate "CRM."

mark rask

We have not. What does it do?

Carl Maeda

It allows consumers to submit an offer to the dealership dictating the financing or leasing offer they desire. has it on their VDP page if you want to check it out.

Julie Petree

We have been using Make My Deal for close to a year now.  The leads do close at a much higher rate then our average lead.  I also can tell you that I went into this thinking that it would be more duplicates of leads we already had.  Some our duplicates but for the most part they are fresh customers who are not submitting leads on our site.  They tend to like the fact that they can structure there deal in the comfort of there home.  This gives them the feeling of being in control while allowing me a customer to work with.  We have had success with utilizing the dashboard by only having two manager look at the deals and work them until we have a solid deal.  Then we turn it over to our internet sales team to complete the transaction.  If anyone has any questions feel free to email me at Also if you have any other questions or are looking to sign up ask for Emily Chonko.  Also Rich Scherb is our Performance Manager and he is AWESOME!  He is quick to respond if you have questions and is always there to help or offer suggestions on how to convert some of the shoppers into buyers.  Highly recommend!

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