Manifest Lists

Chris K Leslie

Does your OEM offer you manifest lists? 

Do you import those lists to your CRM? 

Derrick Woolfson

Our one OEM does, but it's often terrible. Either they do not have a valid email or they just purchased within the last 18 months. Where the ROI is less than 1%. That said, while I am not a fan of adding crap to the CRM. I will add "conquest" manifest lists to the CRM. Sending them an offer. The open rate is usually less than 15%. 

Chris K Leslie

Are u uploading to DealerSocket or somewhere else? 

Derrick Woolfson

No, we load them to XRM. Aka worst CRM, ever. 

Chad DeSelms

Chris we pull the list and then go through and make to do's through dealer socket.  I just asked our lead why we don't import them into dealersocket.  They said that every heading had to be perfect etc. to make this work.  Are you guys downloading them?  I asked her to call dealersocket to learn how because this would save us so much time. 

Chris K Leslie

yeah, the headers is what I am thinking is giving me trouble too. 

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