Measuring the number of phone calls

Mark Rask

How may calls a day do you feel a sales bdc rep should make a day 

Derrick Woolfson

I feel like this is an old conversation, but still a relevant topic. I am not fond of setting a "minimum" as that, itself, will not get results. That said, there are other communication methods that are often overlooked such as chat, messaging, and text. At the end of the day, it is about how many appointments were booked. So if your BDC Agent (or sales consultant) is setting a healthy amount of appointments booked/show/sold, but the phone volume is lower than BDC Agent "B," it is not always linked to "phone volume" per day. This is not by any means offering that we should not have a lot of phone calls. I am just offering that we have to look at more than just calls, and focus on the end goal, which is the total amount of appointments booked/shown/sold. 

Mark Rask

good point derrick

Steve Roessler

So, how many phone calls does it take to pick up?   Start tracking engagement as a metric and you will win more.   FCC said that 50% of calls will be bot calls.   I would bet engagement on the phone will go down this year.    All anyone should care about is did the customer engage the store back.   Phone, text, email, video, and social media are engagement strategies.   Create that culture please.  

Steve Roessler

Don't take my thread out of context above.  Just passionate about doing the task to get engagement.  :) .     

Bart Wilson

Steve, what metrics would you track to measure engagement? 

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