Measuring the number of phone calls

Mark Rask

How may calls a day do you feel a sales bdc rep should make a day 

Steve Roessler

Metrics = Response.        10 phone calls and 1 answers = 10% engagement.   Same for texting, email, and Artificial Intelligence replies.   If the CRM doesn't have that capability then ask for reports to be built.   If you like to see examples, let me know.   

Bart Wilson

Is 10% engagement the metric or is this just an example.  Love to hear what best in class is here.

Steve Roessler

That was an example.    It was just to illustrate.    :)

Chris K Leslie

I’ve always thought having minimum standards is a good thing. I think 100 calls a day is a good start. Keeps people looking for things to do. 


Mark Rask

we try for 80 a day 

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