Most Effective Lead Responses?

Drew Bettiol

Howdy all,

What has been the most effective initial response to a lead? what kind of verbiage are you using when you first email a lead that usually gets them to respond? 

Derrick Woolfson

Drew we do something like the below: 

(customer first name), 

Thanks for your inquiry on the (vehicle)! We appreciate the opportunity to earn your business here with us at (Dealer). Great news, it is available! Speaking of available, what time works best for you to come in? I have both a 10:15 AM and a 1:45 PM appointments available. Does either of those times work for you? 

Keep in mind, here at (Dealer) it is about YOU - You will receive 5 free oil changes, VIP customer service, and so much more! In the meantime, here are some other options you might consider: 

(insert three options) 

Oh, and check out what some of our recent customers are saying about us! 


Dean Love

As you've probably noted in Derrick's sample above (great job Derrick, for what it's worth), I think it's really important to confirm availability of the desired vehicle, and ensure that you thank them for the inquiry.  The insertion of alternative choices is helpful for many reasons too (in my opinion). 

Ultimately, you want to use this opportunity to drive engagement and get a response back from the customer in order to have a conversation and help them down their individual path ... which in practice means you need to give them a reason to respond with a well-written question that's easy to reply to (or they may not respond at all); maybe something like 'what are you driving now, and what you do you like or dislike about it'? 

It's probably best to keep their needs in mind when doing this (to offer more value to the client), and it may also help to place the question (in addition to suggesting appointment times, if you prefer) near the bottom of the response, on its own line.  Why?  Because if it's the last thing they see before you sign off with the signature, they're more likely to see it and reply to it.  

Finally, I would agree that calling out the recent positive reviews is an excellent (and very effective) inclusion.  You could insert a link to the reviews page on your site, or  include it in every lead responder's signature; if you do this, make sure to call it out and say something like 'click the link below in my contact info to see what our happy customers are saying about us!'  

Hope this helps!

Martins Ville

The BDC and sales people seem to be at odds at times. One earns for appointments set and showed - the other is paid on sales. I see too many appointments made and showed for vehicles we have sold only to make customers vent at the sales people. My 2 cents. 

Mark Rask

we use something like derricks 

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