Mystery Shops

Chris K Leslie

How often do you mystery shop your own store? Do you have a sheet you use? Would you want to share it? 

Morgan Hardy

I have never mystery shopped my own store. I've mystery shopped plenty of others though. Do you mystery shop yourself?

Jeff Bollinger

I've seen a lot of value in doing mystery shopping your own stores to ensure that your set process is working correctly.  Depending on your situation, I'd recommend not asking specific questions, anyone that's been responding to leads should be able to spot a mystery shop right away.

I've always just clicked on the generic 'information' button and let the process run and see what can be improved.

Morgan Hardy

@Jeff- Gotta love the random specific questions. I can spot a mystery shop a mile away!

Bart Wilson

That's the key in my opinion. It's too easy to spot a mystery shop.

Derrick Woolfson

@Chris, its always discussed, but does not happen! The hardest part of actually making it happen is figuring out a way to make it incognito. We have however called our locations randomly (for service) to see if they would leave us on hold for a long time and/or not offer to call the customer back. As for mystery shops, we have had more success in coaching in-bound calls (sales calls) and coaching them on objection handling, and whether or not they got the customers information etc. But to be honest, it's not as consistent as it should be. The other hiccup we run into is that a lot of call-recording companies *cannot* decipher whether or not the customer had already called in and had an appt. so the numbers were *always* inaccurate! 

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