National average digital closing ratio

Andy Trig
That seems like a pretty low closing ratio. I know from our Car Dealer website platform at we are seeing higher closing ratio.
Jared Hamilton
Hi Joe - I cant speak for Nada, but im pretty confident they do not track closing ratios. The closing rates will vary based on OEM and leads source. But if you look at total leads overall a 15% number is a solid benchmark. If you are just talking Costco leads, leads from your website or emails that come from your inventory posted on sites like trader and, you will likely see rates in the 20-25% range. Third party leads for honda will close at a 10-15% range. (BTW: ive seen in MANY places where the national average closing rates are much lower than what im showing you, but an average of high performing dealers is along the lines of what I am sharing. ) Does that help Joe? PS Andy - your comment looks more like spam for your website platform than it looks like you were trying to help joe. THe community here doesnt put up with spam very well, its to help progressive dealers like joe who are doing a killer job at their stores. We welcome you to add to the conversation, but not to come just to spam your product.
Joe Orr
Jared, as usual, thank you for sharing from your vast experience. Always honest and to the point.
Matt Lowery
We aim for 10 to 15% on average, but you have to look at what kind of leads you are talking about. We do a lot of subprime advertising. That brings our closing rates down quite a bit compared to say manufacturer leads. There is no cookie cutter approach, its more about understanding why your closing ratios are what they are. If you are at a 5% closing ratio but that is all from conquest advertising, well great job.... 5% from your manufacturer... not so great. I have had the same discussion in our 20 group about bounce rate. Many of our pages are sorted by bounce rate making people think that a lower bounce rate is better than a higher one. It is more about understanding why your numbers are what they are. A really low bounce rate with really low number of visits to me is much worse than a higher bounce rate with many many visits. So I would put to you to get more specific in your question, ask, What is your closing ratio on manufacturer leads? or, What is your closing ratio on Auto USA leads? Make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Nothing worse than yelling at someone for closing 8% of leads when you later find out that those leads are usually 5%.
Joe Orr
Great idea Matt. I will set up buckets (manufacturer, 3rd party, website, social etc). Then I will create individual goals for those buckets and create a trend from past reports. We have always separated manufacturer leads for obvious reasons. I am not sure why I did not think of this sooner.....:)
Joe Orr
BTW, we always have watched the individual performance for each lead provider but never bucketed them. Thanks again

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