Need help with a GM request for my BDC

Richard Bridges
Hey guys, I'm new here but very glad I found you. A little about me. I spent 10 years in call centers as a rep, trainer, QA/QC and a manager before joining a Dealership to create an internet department. I ran that Internet department for 3 year very successfully. I had a department of 4 sales guys that did 30-35% of the business in the Dealership. Meaning 16 floor salesmen equated roughly 65-70% of the remaining deals. That GM decided to create a BDC and I was tasked with the training and analytics of that department. After a disagreement with upper management I moved to another Dealership. When I arrived I was advised it was my baby and build it how I saw fit. They had a BDC prior to my arrival that was run by Sales Managers. So I had an uphill battle ahead. In the 2+ months I have been here I watched our involvement and sales increase greatly. Mainly due to our follow ups on show room visits and diligence on outdated leads from 3-4 months prior. After the 2nd month I turned in my numbers that were over 70 cars more than the month prior to my arrival. My guess at this point is their budget didn't carry the expectations of my success. So yesterday I was advised that our expectation was to set 50 appointments a day, we have no 3rd party lead sources (, edmunds, true car, etc) and rely on manufacturers website, our website and a TV commercial we run once a week two hours prior to kickoff on Sundays. We do not take our own chats, we rely on Gubagoo which produces very minimal leads. We also use e-Leads which I have found is more interested in selling you on their Call Center then supporting your process needs for your own. We were taken off showroom follow up so it's basically leads, phone ups (roughly 200/month) and any campaigns/telemarketing we can generate. Again, the expectation is 50 appointments a day with 6 representatives. I have provided you the tools at my disposal. Help me find a way to achieve this request. Is it possible? What are the true analytics of appointments per rep per day? I'm assuming 4-5 is industry standard WITH showroom follow up. Any help would be greatly appreciated and any true statistics would be awesome.
Sean Welsh
Welcome to the car business unfortunately. I really thought this management mind set was a thing of the past but I was wrong after reading this. With 200 leads a month you would be a rock star to have 50 shows for the MONTH and that would 2+ per day. 6 reps for that volume is over staffed which we don't find often so I would suggest having them crank long term follow up. Stats tell us that if we don't close in the first 2 weeks or 1st month then its in that 90 day window for our next best chance . Go back 120 days and hammer both the phones and emails. You need more leads or less reps to control budgets and continue to work every lead like its your last. Good luck and feel free to reach out if we can help with anything else. Thanks Sean
Lauren Moses
Richard, Welcome to DS! You'll find lots of great help around here. As for your situation, Maybe put it to management about dropping those things like the chat that aren't providing any leads and instead invest in something that will. Any place that you can get your cars listed online is going to help. It's that many more eyes that are looking at your vehicles and therefor more leads. We only have and our website but I still get quite a few good leads. We had 6 over the weekend which is alot for our little dealership. Don't give up and think that you are beat yet. I agree with Sean too. Go back and have reps start calling old leads from 90+ and either find out if they have bought or start trying to sell them again. Also, check and see if you can get access to your service departments records and start sifting through customers that have good vehicles to trade. Contact them as well. You never know where your leads can come from.
Richard Bridges
Thanks guys. Yeah, I've had them on a 60 day timer with leads. Meaning that after 60 days if the lead hasn't been contacted it's fair game. I was floored when I was told 50 appointments a day. That's a staggering number for Dealerships with all the 3rd party sources in big cities. I plan to do the analytics myself and find a way to get them on here so others may benefit as well. It won't be long until a virtual car dealership hits and once that happens I hope to be a part of it. It's very difficult to take one that has been in business many years and expect them to change their sales staff into the future of sales. People do not want the hassle of sitting around Dealerships but even with appointments it doesn't change their wait times by much. Old school sales men barely touch the CRM and unless the floor and BDC work hand in hand, it will not work at all.
Frank Marshall
Using industry standard numbers (I'm sure you can do better than industry standard, just being conservative): Goal is 50 appts a day, and I'm assuming your dealership is open 6 days a week. So in a 26 working day month that is 1300 appts. To get to 50 appts a day you will need to make about 500 contacts a day, where your agents are actually talking, texting or having an email conversation or chat with a real live person. With 6 agents working 6 days a week, they will need to have a two way conversation with 83 different people a day per agent. To get that many people engaged, they would roughly need to have about 350-400 attempts to contact a day or even more depending on the method being used. Broken down by the hour, assuming a 10 hr work day, they would need to make 35 calls/emails/chats/texts an hour or 1 every 1 Minutes and 42 seconds. When you find someone that is capable of this level of production 10 hours a day for 6 days a week, please send them my way and I will pay them twice as much as you are.... all kidding aside, you do NOT have the staff to set 50 appts a day. Perhaps on a Saturday in August... but not everyday. But let's not be negative. Here's what you need to do to get to 50/day: You need 2000 leads a month, a customer base of about 150k customers, an inventory of about 1500 - 2000 cars (at least 700 pre-owned), and you will need a staff of 15+ agents.
Randy Smith
Polish up that resume and find another dealership! You are being set up for failure.

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