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Jon Berna
With out knowing your current process I would add a few tips that have helped me. For Chat - The primary goal of a chat is to get contact information, ensure you are finding a balance between answering questions and leaving yourself room to get a solid contact. Also, a manager / supervisor should be reviewing live so they can ensure solid communication. Yes there is such a thing as a chat TO. You will find that doing this daily will dramatically improve the quality of chats in your department. For Email - You need to establish a simple internal scoring system. Think of the OEMs requirements and go a few notches higher. I would include a list of 8-10 clear items, conduct weekly trainings on it, have team agree to and sign. Then start randomly scoring email responses and tracking them. I would add email scores as a qualitative metric on their pay plans as well. Templates do help, but you are really trying to get them to do a full account overview, be creative based on their inquiry/response and make the message highly relevant to the customer. These are require some skill. Hope that helps!
Craig Waikem
We signed up for Driving Sales University last year, and it really has helped our team!
Heather Brautman
We created a free eBook download called "9 Scripts to Combat Car Sales Stereotypes." It's filled with scripts to help train salespeople on chatting, increase their self-esteem, and make them more successful on the lot. You can grab it here, no cost (I'm just the writer/designer): Good luck!
Greg Wells
For chat just follow @kettyc and she'll teach you! Here's an email Tip Sheet we developed for our agent training -
James Klaus
Contact Joe Webb of DealerKnows.
David Kain
Hi Shannon...We would be glad to send you our recommended process and templates if you'd like to drop me a line... David Kain

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