New car shopper contact rates

Gary Walker

Thank you ahead of time for any feedback that I can get on the subject of contact rates on internet form submissions.  The goal I have set for my team is an 80% contact rate and we have be sitting at 56-7% for a couple of months.  I was wondering if anyone tracks that and what your experience is with contact rates?

To define contact rate for me: any lead form submission (ADF) who answers their phone and allows for a "conversation," returns a call, replies to an email, or shows up at the dealership.  It can even be "bought elswhere" or "I didn't mean to send..."  Anything that shows there was actually a real person at the other end of the form submission.



Gary Walker

If I understand, your Fresh Up is = to my Walk-In.  Yes in our CRM, active can be a "status" (active, lost, bad, ect..) for the "type" of lead (internet, phone, walk-in, etc..).

Chris K Leslie


In order to get a true sense of what that number is we had to do a couple of things. First, if a customer submits a lead with email only and then removes that email address after the first attempt to contact. We move that lead into a source I created called disqualified. Second, if a lead is submitted and all the contact info is bad. We move that lead into disqualified as well. 

Its tough to hold someone accountable for conversion rates if there is no way for the person to actually get in contact with someone. 

Also, if you breakdown your  lead sources by type. For example 3rd party, Purchased Leads, OEM leads, etc. You should be able to run a historical report to gauge the average conversion rate there. A lot of times OEM leads are weak especially if nascar is in town that week or they are giving a prize away for something stupid. So that 80% is crazy talk. 

I guess what I am saying is that you might be closer than you think to the number you want to be at. you just may need to look at it a little differently. 

Here is what I track. 

Lead > Contact

Contact > Appt Open

Appt Open > Appt Shown

Appt Shown > Appt Sold

Lead > Appt Shown

Lead > Sold


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