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Chris K Leslie
Matt, I think what you need to do is first define the goals of what you want this new person/dept. to do. It is very easy to mush all of these responsibilities together and call it a day. But what ends up happening is the realities of the duties you've listed above require much more time than some may believe them to. In addition if you are paying based on Appts/Shows/Sales etc the problem I can see coming up is that you mention it is that you already have people like your BDC manager and your Sales Managers that are the lead on those things. So this person wouldn't be able to effect change by managing how the phones are answered or how the sales person greets a customer who walks on the lot. This person should really be focused on the messages coming from the dealership and looking at open rates of emails and responses and making adjustments. Or looking for ways to create closed loop marketing opportunities that will ensure effective marketing in all aspects. For example if the person is required to be at 85% merchandising but doesn't have the authority to send the guys who wash the cars out to clean the cars after a big rain on photo shoot day and opts to not have dirty cars photographed. Is that person still responsible for the number or do you give them a budget? One of the running themes I come across in this industry is the low value placed on the Digital Marketer. In the majority of industries outside the automotive industry you won't find the SEO person also be in charge of the SEM or the Merchandising parts as well. I've put together some Job Descriptions for the Digital Marketer along with the Average Salaries for these positions at the end. Hopefully this helps you fill in the blanks.

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