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Steve Simon
In setting up your CRM and the BDC representative to follow up on a lead to contact what processes are best that you have seen or used yourself? What should be expected on an internet lead to contact
Grant Gooley
Big question, and a good one. A very important first step is looking into a CRM (Customer Relationship/Retention Management) tool. It's essential that you can track the progress and success of each lead. To really understand the ROI behind an iLead, tracking is extremley important. The reason is because online shoppers are typically in market for a longer period of time then someone who walks into the dealership to do their research. The online shopper could be interested in buying a new car, email 8 dealerships and then wait a month before they walk into a dealership. By using your CRM tool you can, make notes on every touch point, track email replies, phone calls, etc. You also want to have a 90 - 120 day follow up cadence that keeps the lead engaged during their search for a vehicle. To do this all manually is difficult. Step 1: Find a great automotive CRM provider (Dealer Socket, Reynolds Contact Management, Higher Gear, Etc) Step 2: Develop your follow up cadence. (You can get help with this through a consulting agency like PCG) Step 3: Track, analyze and optimize to improve your lead to appointment ratios. Hope this helps... Maybe I should have written a blog post on this one, sorry for the novel....
Michael Bilson
Follow up on a lead to contact? Explain what happens as a lead arrives at the dealership and what CRM tool are you using. This will help a more in-depth answer. Are all leads and calls going to the BDC? What is the first response from your store? An auto-reply? Do you call the customer ASAP as the lead comes in (and risk making someone angry that you called them at work when they just wanted some information)? Is your BDC Person just responsible for getting ahold of people and getting them into the store or also sending out quotes and brochure? What if the customer wants a car-fax or photo of the car before coming in? If you are not assigning a sales rep to the lead until an appointment is scheduled and the lead refused to drive down to the store unless they have more information first....well...???? Answers to some of these questions will help us answer yours better. Thanks Steve and Good Luck.
mark rask
We round robin our leads out to certified internet sales people......we also send that lead to a bcd rep......If it is not updated by the first person within a few minutes the bcd reps are all over it.
Matt Lowery
We have the lead go into a lead bucket, then the first BDC rep available grabs it. We dont round robin because nothing is given to you. If you want it, you have to be hungry and chase it. 99% of all of our leads are answered within 15 minutes with our set up, and 100% within 30 minutes. We dont use auto responders except for after hour notices, we expect the first price quote which gives them the information and price on the vehicle they asked for as well as 3 other similar vehicles (usually 1 new and 2 used) to be out within 15 minutes. Followed by an immediate phone call if a number is provided telling them it was just sent and asking if they have any further questions. We then aggressively follow up for two weeks. After that we still follow up, but its not an every day or every other day thing. The longer out it goes it more time we have between follow up. However we never let them drop off, we follow up till dead or told to get lost. Hope this helps. More than happy to give more details if you tell me what exactly you are looking for.
mark rask
We are aggressive and very transparent the first two weeks......we scale it back after that.

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