New to Internet Sales...having horrible response %

John Fullmore
I took over the whole internet sales dept after management decided this was the best direction for the future of our store. We are a smaller dealership and our internet sales usually linger in the mid-teens per month. After two weeks at the helm, I have sold one car and gotten in four total customers. Needless to say the response has been horrible. I am very adept at responding quickly to leads and our auto response is more personal than most. Out of appx 140 leads, I have had only 6 total appointments, of which 4 showed up and one ending up buying. I am not sure what to try. Email response has been minimal and phone calls have been even worse with only 4-5% answering. Any thoughts??
Ron Henson
Hi John, Welcome to the DS Forums! Those types of questions are exactly what these forums are for. I look forward to reading the help that the community members will offer. You may want to speak with Mark Winters with DrivingSales. He is pretty much an expert on this subject having been a superstar in his dealership in this area. Let me know if you'd like his number and good luck!
Michael Bilson
John. Curious if your CRM tool will provide a "read" or "open" rate? Many CRM tools have issues with getting your content to the Inbox or seen on a mobile device. IF you are sending out 140 emails and not engaging over 50%, it would appear there is a problem.
Carl Maeda
140 leads and 6 appointments... How are you generating those leads? It sounds like either: 1. the leads are poor quality 2. they are "soft" leads and the prospect is really not interested 3. or something is wrong in the follow up process. The problem with emails can be any number of things. The emails may be marked as spam. Create a dummy email account on gmail, yahoo and Hotmail. Put all 3 emails into your CRM and test your emails to see if they get marked as spam or don't make it through to those three email addresses. The email's message may not be compelling enough. We'll need more details.
Linda Loepker
Michael Bilson
Great Points Carl...@ John..>I also would like to know if you are leaving a voice mail when calling? Using text at all? Most importantly...what do you qualify as a "lead"?

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