New Website Concept

Jorge Maass
I've come up with a new concept that I think would be interesting for car shoppers and car dealers alike. I brought it here because I was seeking expert knowledge and feedback on the idea so hear me out and let me know what you think. The whole concept in a nutshell is a website that car shoppers can visit to get the best price on a new vehicle by having dealers who sell the same vehicle compete automatically in real-time based on a percentage under MSRP. Sort of like a reverse auction. I know what you're thinking already... "A race-to-the-bottom, no thanks". To solve that problem car dealers would implement their own pricing parameters through the back end of the website which indicate the maximum amount to discount a particular vehicle and how much lower to go under a competitor dealer. This prevents the dealer from selling the car at a loss. So how the finished product would look is a car shopper enters the year, make, model, trim etc of the car, selects a location and radius to search for dealers and then once the list populates he/she selects the dealers he/she wants to compete. One dealer comes out the winner and the car shopper can then take that price to the winning dealer to get an upfront price on that vehicle. I could see this as a valuable lead generation tool for dealers. I don't think the concept of "get sellers to compete for you" has been done before so I would anticipate it being highly marketable from that perspective. The idea is in the latter stages of development but I'd like to hear some feedback before I divulge more information.
Sami Aqqad
I hate it as a dealer, but I think its brilliant as a idea. Would like to know how far you get with it.
Parker Lukjanovs
I agree with Sami, as a dealer I hate it. As a consumer it's good, but why not just go to TrueCar and be done with it and not waste time doing the whole reverse bidding method? I feel like dealers would only give into this if it was absolutely necessary because of competitors. Which means you need to have enough traffic flowing to the site to actually direct attention to dealers in the first place.
Jorge Maass
Thanks for your comments gentlemen. One of the obstacles this idea faces is that you need a good population of dealers to be on board for car shoppers to start using it and vice versa. So a solution I've come up with is to make it completely free for dealers. They would be able to upload their parameters at no cost, basically a set it and forget it type offer. If the dealers aren't getting leads at first it won't hurt them at all. There would have to be enough dealers on board before a "launch" could even be considered anyways. And as for TrueCar I think dealer's would prefer this to paying $299 per vehicle or $2,000+ a month.
Sami Aqqad
as a dealer I don't mind paying the $2000 a month to something as long as it work. as they say the proof is in the pudding.
Parker Lukjanovs
Sami is absolutely right. If it works, it works. AND as dealers we will pay for something that works. I think you're on the right track though. If you had a good population of dealers that signed up, for free initially and as you gain ground and traction start to charge, you can generate traffic for consumers. Plus like any other digital company you'll be making money off of ad revenue anyways.

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