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ellen phillips
I don't understand why a potential buyer makes an appointment then doesn't show up. Can anyone give me pointers on how to get the potential buyer to the showroom?
Grant Gooley
This seams to be an ongoing discussion here on DS. Driving Sales should have a forum dedicated for 'Lead to Appointment Conversion'. Dealerships who are best at converting leads to walk-ins tear the competition apart. So it's a great questions and something everyone should be thinking about. The first steps at being the best, in my opinion are: 1. Have a plan. Create benchmarks and goals for conversion percentage. If you get 10 leads how many should turn into people walking in the door? 15%? 25%? 2. Start with a metric you believe that is achievable. If that is only 10%, then fine. Improve from there. 3. Improve by getting better and more creative with follow up techniques. (90 day follow up minimum, how many phone calls? How many emails? Text Messages?) 4. Streamline the process so that it's organized. BDC? Two dedicated sales staff that are trained and ready to follow up PROPERLY to eLeads? (small store) Manager follows up only? 5. ***Create a library of PDF's that are valuable to the shopper.*** What I mean is this; If an eLead comes in and they are shopping for a Honda Civic. You want to respond, answering their questions first and foremost. However, it's really nice to ad value to the response. So, you could include a PDF about the amazing fuel milage the new 2014 Civic gets. Or the Safety Ratings and how great of a family car it could be. Value creates trust, which creates engagement. Here are 5 points out of about 20 I have regarding lead follow up and conversion... Hmmm. Now I have a topic for my next blog post :) Thanks! Hope any of these help..
JD Rucker
One of the reasons that I would utilize one of the various "gift card incentive" services out there if I was back at a dealership is because I believe the intention and reality of customers are two different things. Car buyers are finding 2, 3, 4, or more dealerships that they plan on visiting. The problem is that they meet a salesperson at the first or second dealership, so they buy a vehicle without making it to the other stores. The gift card incentive programs give people a reason to want to visit your dealership first. We're reviewing the three majors right now and it's hard to pick a winner. We're going through another round right now.
Vincent R
Ellen, how long have you been in the car business? IMO it could be anything. Inconvenient location or timing, not completely sold on you, your car or dealership, something came up that is none of your business, not completely serious, etc.Personally I try not to worry about it too much. All I can do is my job and if they come, great! if not, great! What I have done and still do from time to time is contact other dealerships in other parts of the country in order to see how they respond to emails and phone calls. I talked to this one guy in Las Vegas who only had like four cars for sale, but he offered to take me to the auction. Had I been a serious buyer, I would have definitely taken the time to go see him!
mark rask
Good points Grant
Dustin Lyons
Be different be better. Show your customers that you are different from the other dealers that they are shopping and that you will give them true value. Send a video like this. It definitely helps increase shown appointments.

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