Non Responsive E-Leads

Victoria Dillabough

Best practises to get non-responsive e-leads to reply? how often does it take for them to reply? 

Marie Nies

Have you experimented with texting yet ? Are they coming from landing pages? 

Derrick Woolfson

@victoria, we have used gift-cards w/ non-responsive leads. Where we create lead buckets: 30, 60 & 90 day offers. The customer can redeem their gift-card once they test drive a vehicle. This usually generates anywhere from 4-6 additional sales a month from non-responsive leads. 

Amanda Hanson

we send out a few humerus notes... that always gets some replies! 

Victoria Dillabough

@derrick - when you say GC's, what do you give the gift cards to? 

Victoria Dillabough

@marie, we do have a text to landline app, and we do try and text non-responsive, but i would say the older leads it doesnt make much of a difference

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