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Matt Lowery
You have a store that is a competitor of mine, so this hurts to say. :P But there is no real right answer. See the link below for a well written explanation of this. Im curious what vendor and what were they trying to pitch you? Im sure you know, take anything they say with a grain of salt when they are trying to sell you on something.
Cathy Nuccio
Thanks Matt... the feedback was that we do not have adequate indexed pages. He said you need a minimum of 10,000.
Matt Lowery
I just looked at your site, your main site is indexed 454 times. Your kia site in EHT is 1920 times. by comparison my main site is around 9500 and my hyundai site is around the same. But that isnt the whole story. I would want to know more from your analytics (unique visitors, bounce rate, time on site) before I trust the vendor (who im guessing is either trying to sell you a new website, or SEO product). I would agree you want more than you have now, but vendors tend to love when they find an issue. They jump on it like a rabid dog, when in honest there is often easy fixes to address these issues (but not always). So short answer is yes, you want more than you currently have, however look at the whole picture before jumping into a decision simply based of that fact alone.
Cathy Nuccio
Thanks again!
Cody Jerry
The number of pages is not what matters. What you should be looking at is the number of pages that actually drive traffic to your site. Some website vendors have went forward with no-indexing their inventory, such as Dealer Fire and Autotrader, which dramatically decreases the number of pages that they allow in the search results. They have done this for a variety of reasons, but it some of it has to do with the duplicate content that they are producing with some of the filter pages. If you read some SEO articles on faceted navigation, as well as Google's own responses, they suggest that you limit the number of filters you allow to be indexed by search engines. That's because those pages offer very little quality, and are very sparse with relevant content. Meaning, they will struggle to produce organic traffic. So, let's do the math on the number of pages you should have: 1000 VDPs (roughly) new and used 1 Home page 10 Service pages (being generous) 1 About Us Page 3 Finance Pages 50 SEO Landing Pages That's 1065, if you have 1000 cars in your inventory. Anything beyond that is because of your faceted navigation. Here's a Moz post about the terrors of wildly indexed faceted navigation: Here's the Matt Cutt's Video Blog about why the number of pages indexed does not lead to higher rankings:
Matt Lowery
While you can argue about the page indexes (as i said its not the whole story), if you look at her site from an SEO standpoint it is still very lacking. You mention Moz which I think everyone agrees is one of the top sites out there. However her grade on which is theirs is only a 55. I had that score without ever paying a dime for SEO. Also look at her duplicate content, I did a search for the following from her about page. "If you don't see what you are looking for, click on CarFinder, fill out the form, and we will let you know when vehicles arrive that match your search" there are 380,000 pages with the same thing (common for sites). Her social button (which why would you only have facebook and none of the others) doesnt work properly. Now if she isnt paying for SEO, its ok, if she is... I believe its money wasted. Im not sure if you do her SEO, or just found it, but it looks like you have a solid understanding of SEO, would you say her site is being handled properly? I dont have a dog in this fight, Just my 2 cents, take it for what you will.

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