Objection via e-leads

Victoria Dillabough

How do you handle the "a competitor beat you" reply? 

Bart Wilson

Good question.  I think it's important to stress the entire purchase process, not just the selling price.  What does your dealership offer that your competition doesn't?  

Kennedy Powers

If you are looking to stand out from the competition, you should check out Slipstream Creative: https://www.slipstreamcreative.com/

Slipstream Creative offers exclusivity based on geographic area, so early adopters of video campaigns will drive out the competitors.

Morgan Hardy

If the customer is engaged, I ask questions to make sure we're comparing apples to apples. A lot of times, there's more to it.

Bart Wilson

Agreed.  My background was Ford, and I would often find the competition didn't have limited slip rear axles and I did.  That was a $400 swing.  

Chris K Leslie

We always say " Cool, bring us any written offer from a competitor and we'll beat that price by $500" 

more often than not, there is never a written offer. 

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