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Brian Pate

New to the forum and looking for some genuine feedback.

I've been working on a tool to help automate the research for online auctions. Working with my buddy's dealership, the challenge with auction sourcing is the time requirement. Either in-person or face-to-screen online.

With more and more online auctions, are there any tools you're using to help you save time buying w/o hiring a dedicated resource? 

Note: To stay in line with posting rules, I won't disclose any further details. So far, we're seeing 300% more buys in 1/10th the time. So it's definitely exciting and I think digital automation around buying is the next layer of tools.


Morgan Hardy

we have a designated person for this. Same guy that went to the actual auctions for us. 

Brian Pate

Thanks for the response. I'm curious at what tools he's using to help buy more efficiently. With more digital platforms hitting the market, it has to be tough to juggle it all.

Christopher Roufail

Hey Brian, I'd be interested in talking further about this, I would love to know your progress on this. 

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