online buying stores

Mark Rask

How many of you are successful with online buying stores on your websites?

Chris K Leslie

Things like shop click drive? 


Lynetta Jawck

It is hard to get a massive amount of buyers at your online store without any proper marketing. It also depends on which mediatory place you are having your online store. I wouldn't say it doesn't work but with only consistent effort. 

Mark Rask

We are not seeing any volume on them 

Chris Travis

Was okay at one point but now lucky if can even get in contact with them unless it was one that included a finance application which was rare. Most of our ours who did show were after they been contacted by the dealership from an additional lead and then went to our website and I think they did it for the accessory discount.

Mark Rask

The industry seems to be pushing this but the customers arent using it 

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