Online lead follow-ups by sales

Wayne Lahmeyer
Cindy these leads can be very good. Immediate response by the sales associate and then a follow up by a manager wanting make sure all the customers needs were met and if an appt was or could be set. Strong effort to go to personal phone contact as opposed to email gets you closer to the sale.
Shannon Hammons
E-leads are the very existance of the future of the car business. More and more of your deals will start becoming e-leads. These should be dealt with quickly and with passion. If you can aggresively respond and follow-up you will greatly increase your sales volume.
Stan Sher
It varies by dealer. While some dealers have a BDC and others just farm out leads to sales associates the goal is still the same. That goal is to provide a quick response and work to get the customer into the showroom. It is unfortunate that there are also dealers that to do not focus on the importance of the opportunities by not managing the level of response. I have noticed with some OEM companies and how they start to hold their dealers accountable for internet lead management. They are looking for above average close ratios and the importance of what percentage of business each individual dealer is contributing to the vehicles that are being sold. It all comes to having an effective process and proper management.

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