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Linda Loepker
Can I borrow anyone's wording for your review responses? I feel like I'm writing the same thing over and over, just reworded a smidge.
Lauren Moses
One of the basic ones. These are for more when I don't know the person that is actually writing the review. Thank you Mrs. Peggy for the great review. We are glad that we can continue to be a help to you for your automotive needs. Lauren Internet Manager If I know the situation and the person writing the review then I try to make it more personal.
mark rask
Feel free to look at our
Brian Maxwell
The more personal you make the response the better. It should ALWAYS include a question regarding any way the dealership or the sales professional could be of service. When I am training the staff at a dealership one of the main things I train on the last day is how to motivate clients to post a review and how to respond. If you've done a great job and they post a review they have added value to the dealership and generic messages are seen just as that. But when you reach out and include the specific vehicle they purchased, thank them, and let them know that if there is anything you can do to help them or educate them that you are just a phone call away. This separates you from the rest of the pact because you are still offering to be of service while others are just thanking them and will probably never contact them again. Who would you rather your sales person be...someone that thanks you or someone that thanks you and offers to STILL be of service after the deal?
Robert Karbaum
I always apologize" on behalf of the dealer". Sometimes, a complaint can be entirely resolved with just an apology.
Linda Loepker
Brian - excellent excellent. I usually don't know who it is or what vehicle they bought, but I can still offer to be of service. I always the screen name they posted as. Some people use their first name or initials. Robert - so far, no complaints! I hope it stays that way!!!! Mark: How do you like DealerRater?

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