OTD Price

Morgan Hardy

Why does it seem that the sales team is always so reluctant to give an out the door price? While I do think the customer should be able to figure it out roughly on their own, I think that they ask to make sure there aren't any other hidden fees.

Derrick Woolfson

A lot of it comes down to the GM/Sales Managers not allowing it which does not make any sense. Dealers still try their best to instill the idea that the customer "has to come into the dealership for the best price" or "if you give them the out the door price they do not have to come in and will take it to the competition." Whereas, one of the biggest reasons a customer wants to know the answer has to do with their having an idea of what the actual vehicle costs. If dealers stopped playing games with pricing and/or making it incredibly confusing regarding how pricing is done then this might not be as big of an issue...

Casimiro (Casey) Garza

You do what you have to do, and if that means give the OTD price.  When the Sales Manager dances around helping you, give him the phone and ask him how to do it....insist that they do their job.  Same on the lot, get them him to the desk and get they to get off their butts and show us that they can do their jobs.  It is our job to get them inside, to get their figures to make an intelligent buying decision....once inside its the SM to get it closed.  You still do your job and attempt to close it, but the  "One thing Call" should not be the "next day" when they leave.  Most of the time, this customer is being non-committal, and hate it when the SM throws it in your face.....You got them inside, no show us you can close, and get off the chair and show us …..

Morgan Hardy

@Casimiro- that is easier said than done. Esp when the sales manager is in a different building. 

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