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Samantha Sweeney
Hi there. Im Samantha and I just recently took a position in a BDC that has no idea whats its doing. We have a "manager" who is also a salesman and manages our social media pages so he hasn't done any training. When I began, they just sort of threw me in the office and said "go for it". Ive been here nearly three months and Im barely setting appointments like they want us to.Can anyone give me any advice or a script/word track I might be able to use?We arent even given access to internet leads or service leads and it makes our job very difficult So any help is highly appreciated.
Lauren Moses
Samantha, First off, you came to the right place. There are tons of people here who can lend a helping hand. My first thing I would suggest looking into is Phone ninjas. You can go to their websites and they also have tons of videos on youtube. They also have free scripts on their website which is a HUGE help! Once you find scripts that look like they will work for you, tweak them to your market. Most that I find are pretty formal for our area so I sometimes have to "dumb them down" for our customers. But the general scripts still do just fine. Hope that helps some.
Jerry Thibeau
Thanks Lauren! Samantha, you can find them here: http://stars.phoneninjas.com/free-phone-scripts
Mark Miller
I am all for scripts, but I encourage all my phone reps to make it sound like their own words. I use scripts as a guideline for the message we are trying to convey, but people can tell when someone is reading something as opposed to talking with them. I guess what I am saying is, use a script but allow some personalization. As Lauren said, some scripts may not be one size fits all when it comes to markets either, so tweak it to fit your area.
Dave Leger
Samantha... As Lauren said... Jerry's scripts are great ! I bought a wire bound book from Jerry a few years ago and they were amazing scripts. Not sure if he still sells that book, but it was a very worthwhile investment. (And was inexpensive) I'm sure the one's he's giving away are just as awesome, if not the same ones. To Mark's point... It has to be natural. And you have to sound confident. So if you are not certain about what you're saying, feel like what you're pitching is worthwhile... get the info you need to help boost your belief. Practice Practice Practice. Lastly, if you can elaborate on a few specific key areas you're trying to improve, I'm sure the great folks here will weigh in with some great advice. Service appointments or sales appointments ? inbound or outbound calls? etc.
Samantha Sweeney
We are trying to improve outbound calls. We do not take inbound calls in our BDC at all. We are given prospect lists and told to just call them and get them in. It really is a huge mess. The leads they give us are usually previous customers we havent spoken to in years. This makes it difficult to get them back in to talk to anyone. So anything helping with outbound and selling an appointment would be amazing and I know I'll have to edit and fit them to my dealership.

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