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Samantha Sweeney
Hi there. Im Samantha and I just recently took a position in a BDC that has no idea whats its doing. We have a "manager" who is also a salesman and manages our social media pages so he hasn't done any training. When I began, they just sort of threw me in the office and said "go for it". Ive been here nearly three months and Im barely setting appointments like they want us to.Can anyone give me any advice or a script/word track I might be able to use?We arent even given access to internet leads or service leads and it makes our job very difficult So any help is highly appreciated.
Sami Aqqad
Lauren, ("dumb them down") very funny
Lauren Moses
Sami, You laugh, but it is completely true. And maybe "dumb them down" is not such a great phrasing....maybe more like "redneckify", yeah "rednickify" is definitely more of the word I was looking for. As much as everyone see's Louisiana as being one big swamp, it's really not. But we also have lots of rednecks that if you said, "Is there a time that best suits for you to come by and speak with me?" they would look through the phone like you just grew a 4th arm (don't drink the water here either, that's where the 3rd arm came from...). They respond way better to "SO, when you wanna come by?"
Samantha Sweeney
Lauren isnt wrong. You've got to work with how the customer sounds. I can go from speaking to someone who sounds college educated to someone with a thick country accent and they dont respond the same to certain phrases.
Jessica Agee
Phone Ninja's is great, and I also like http://stevestauning.com/ Short and Sweet. I have some information he emailed me and I will gladly forward it to you if it would help.
Carlito Mojica
Since others gave advice on scripts....I think the bigger issue is Purpose and Direction of your department. I think its awesome you are proactive about your development. I think asking you to "figure it out" gives you the right to establish both purpose and direction. That discussion needs to be with the GM so you have support from the major decision maker of the dealership. It's hard enough to sustain and absolutely impossible to grow without a purpose and direction. I'd be happy to talk if you want.

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