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Samantha Sweeney
Hi there. Im Samantha and I just recently took a position in a BDC that has no idea whats its doing. We have a "manager" who is also a salesman and manages our social media pages so he hasn't done any training. When I began, they just sort of threw me in the office and said "go for it". Ive been here nearly three months and Im barely setting appointments like they want us to.Can anyone give me any advice or a script/word track I might be able to use?We arent even given access to internet leads or service leads and it makes our job very difficult So any help is highly appreciated.
Michael Lizza
Samantha, I hear your frustration. It is so common to hear that managers are being spread thin and wearing multiple "hats" in a dealership. Scripts are great, but what actually sells cars (or any product or service) is that individuals personality. Our approach is to actually look at each customer as an individual. We work to properly answer their questions, while being a personable and knowledgeable BDC rep that they can count on. It is the attention to detail, that will not only drive the back and fourth engagement; but ultimately what will actually get them into the store. PCG Consulting has a tremendous amount of scrips, and tips to run a successful BDC. We have also written the book on it --- Selling Cars in the Digital Age --- Which I would love to send you free of charge. Just reach out to me @ Michael.lizza@pcgmailer.com We have just rolled out PCG on Demand, where your store can purchase blocks of time with our team to help coach and train you and your team. We essentially become an extension of your dealership staff. We can coach on a variety of topics! Please feel free to reach out to me directly @ (732)861-4039 Thanks! Michael Lizza Director of Sales PCG Digital Marketing
Chris Koenig
Samantha, I think at a minimum you need to be provided with some idea of WHY these customers are prospects. For example, do your records indicate that these customers should have equity in the vehicle they previously purchased from you? If you understand the reason why they are a prospect, you can build that into a "script" that helps the customer understand why they are being called and what is on offer to them. What do you know about these prospects at this point?
Samantha Sweeney
I really do appreciate all the help you all have provided me with. I know that scripts aren't the only thing that make a sale but it is something my co-worker and I need to work off of. We hear these stories about girls who came before us but yet no one knows how they got the clients to not only set appointments, but keep them as well. We are told to play "dumb" to customers and just hand them off to salesmen once they come in. This can be frustrating because sometimes the customers have questions when they are on the phone that will determine wether they come in or not. I am also not happy with my GM here. He is never anywhere to be found so I have no way of speaking to him directly. I always have to go through our CRM who, again, is always so busy running from one place to another. We are also very limited in what we can see in Reynolds&Reynolds Contact Managment because we aren't given access to all of the customers information like the managers are. We have no idea what they are paying or what their interest rate is, yet we are told to lure the customers in using a "lower payment and interest rate". How can we do this if we really have no idea what they are actually paying? I guess I'm just frustrated and my co-worker and I are becoming disheartened, which sucks because we both do love this job. We have a lot of freedom here and we know we can make this place better if we just had more help and access. Sorry for complaining. I sort of went on a tangent there...
Chris Koenig
To repeat/rephrase my question, what DO you know about these customers? What is the criteria being used to identify them as prospects? Equity in their vehicle? Two years no purchase? Both? Neither? Not sure?
Samantha Sweeney
Oh I'm sorry Chris. Your post must have come up while I was typing my response and I didn't see it. All we know is that they bought a car from one of the 8-10 Crain stores. We aren't given a prospect list like we should from our management. My co-worker and I literally just type in last names in R&R and hope for the best. We try to call people who have purchased in the last three years or who (we assume) are close to paying their cars off. We try to pay close attention to what we can see, which is basic information (phone number, address, etc), what vehicles they might own, and if they've had them serviced. That is all we can see. We've tried to work "scripts" around that but it is rarely ever successful, which is why we need as much help as we can get.

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