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Samantha Sweeney
Hi there. Im Samantha and I just recently took a position in a BDC that has no idea whats its doing. We have a "manager" who is also a salesman and manages our social media pages so he hasn't done any training. When I began, they just sort of threw me in the office and said "go for it". Ive been here nearly three months and Im barely setting appointments like they want us to.Can anyone give me any advice or a script/word track I might be able to use?We arent even given access to internet leads or service leads and it makes our job very difficult So any help is highly appreciated.
Chris Koenig
Samantha, no problem. I just sent you a request to "Connect", so that I can email you a script that you may find helpful. It is a script that we have used in the past when contacting customers who have positive equity in their vehicle. It sounds like you aren't entirely sure if the customer's you are contacting have equity, but are at least "guesstimating" by contacting those who have not purchased in three years, or who you believe had paid their vehicle off. When I email you the script I can also send a couple of pointers on overcoming some of the more common objections we get when using that script.
Lauren Moses
Samantha, It seems like you are doing the best you can with what you have. One thing that I might try is sending out emails to customers just telling them "thank you" for being your dealerships customers. Send them to service customers that have been in recently and just have a small section saying "When your ready to trade your vehicle in please let us know. We would love to help you in your search for a new car." Sometimes just reminding old customers that you haven't forgotten about them is a great way to get them back in the door.
Samantha Sweeney
Lauren, I would love to do that if we were given access to service customers. Our salesmen seem to think that if we are given access to them, we will "steal them away" and they don't like that very much. I will try and see what we can do when I talk to our CRM tomorrow. He is off today.
Lauren Moses
It sounds like your have some very untrusting sales staff. Do y'all handle the leads from cradle to grave or once you get them in the door you assign them to a sales person?
Samantha Sweeney
Once we get them in the door, we hand them off to a salesperson and that is the last we see of the customer. It really sucks because my coworker and I work so hard to get these customers in, we barely talk to them, and then all we do is call them back a few days later to see how things went.

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