Outside BDC/Call Center

Joe Webb
There are a few in the segment, but one that I know the people involved in is SunStar Autos. They have a good Internet follow-up process, and are generally solid on the phones. Just a quick recommendation... hope that helps.
Casey Copeland
Joe is right on, also take a look at eLead1. Were starting to implement them across our group and like what we see so far.
Jared Hamilton
Good stuff - I also think DME and DealerSocket offer some of these services.... I would start by calling their CRM provider and see if they have anything. Greg Wells from All Call also does something like this.
Renee Staffieri
Joe, thanks for the recommendation. Craig, I sent you a message with my contact information. I would love to speak with you and your dealer friend to discuss what SunStar Network offers our dealer clients as an outsourced BDC. Give me a call!
Casey Copeland
One thing that was important in our process of choosing a rep was a site visit. Some people we were considering quickly fell out of consideration when we started talking about taking a day to visit their facility, and meet their people.
Renee Staffieri
That's a good idea Casey. I usually go to the dealership and meet with their staff, but having them come to our location would be a great opportunity to see how we handle multiple dealerships under one roof. It would also allow us to show them how we work as a team building value in their dealership and the first class care we provide their customers.

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