Out-Source BDC?

Stan Sher
I am personally not a fan of outsourcing for the following reasons: 1) Outsourced BDC departments are not at your dealership to know what is going on and requires very heavy communication. 2) Your sales staff has no idea what the BDC says to the customer and it may cause customer problems. 3) You do not have full control of the situation. I consulted dealerships that have used outsourced BDC companies and all they did was complain about them. They would get 20 appointments on the board for Saturday and only 2 would show up. 4) Outsourced BDC departments do not know in real time if an appointment did not show up and therefore probably cannot call that customer 30 minutes after they were supposed to be there. 5) Outsourced BDC do not create a strategic plan to work with your efforts and most have a basic setup to do the same thing they do for all out dealerships. I can go on and on. As the GM of your organization you need to understand that your BDC is your marketing department. I like to say that the "BDC of today is the billboard of yesterday". My suggestion is to build one in-house with a powerful CRM, customizable processes, and good quality people. While an outsourced BDC will cost you less then having your own team you will notice that you are getting what you pay for. Invest in the right tools and you will see many rewards come with it. If I can help you in anyway please let me know. I setup Internet and BDC departments for a living.

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