Outsourced BDC's? Still out there?

Matt Lowery
My issue with outsourced BDC is the quality control. They make a great sales pitch, but when you hear some of the people answering the phones.... Ouch! Now I have heard good calls as well, but without the control of hiring, firing or retraining, I just cant put something so valuable in the hands of others. BDC use to be an afterthought, Just a sliver of our business. Almost 50% of our business now comes from them.... I cant afford to outsource that.
Katie Colihan
Matt- totally agree. Even if you are USA hiring your BDC for an outsource project, there's the risk of it being a bunch of partying college kids who don't care about your ROI or more than whether the customer shows based on their bonus. That said, along with you, you're putting trust of employees in another company's hands. I'm wondering with the right infrastructure and training program if there is hope for the outsourced BDC. Then again, to manage 20 dealers all with certain specifications would be a challenge. I'm not convinced that there is a cookie cutter approach to all dealers.
Bradley Lillie
There is a new BDC Outsourcing company owned by one of the BEST in the business. I am sure all of you have seen him speak at one of the many seminars available. His name is Greg Wells and the name of his company is AllCall Automotive Contact Centers. He truly is an expert in all areas of internet and BDC. His e-mail is greg@myallcall.com or (859) 983-0370. We have used Greg for years and you won't be disappointed!
John Clutts
I am a dealer in Eastern Kentucky and have recently started using Greg Wells and his AllCall service. I have had problems with salespeople trying to close deals on the phone and qualify internet leads without getting people into the showroom. I was a little hesitant to contract/pay someone to do what my already paid sales staff should be doing.. Finally I listened to the last recorded sales call that I could and pulled the trigger. Since signing up with AllCall we have increased our sales by Greg and his staffs ability to give the customer just enough information to make them want to set the appointment and when they set an appointment the people show. I actually hope Greg doesn't read this post because I mean it when I say I would pay three times what he charges me for this service.. John Clutts Clutts Auto Sales Inc. www.cluttsauto.com
Big Tom LaPointe
interesting point, john - we run into the same situation when dealers try to use chat software in-house. sales people tend to try to schedule visits around THEIR schedule, pre-qualify, sell the car through the keyboard, or justify their way OUT of having the prospect come in. my best line learned from one of the least intelligent people I ever met in the car biz is still one of the best: "when can you be here?"
Renee Staffieri
Yes Katie we are still out here.......I run a full service outsourced sales BDC, SunStar Network. We presently have dealerships in TX, TN, KY, and NC. There are not many outsourced BDC's out there. We handle all email leads, and phone-ups from third party, dealer websites, outsourced sales and campaigns. We also handle chat for all of our dealerships. All information is entered in the dealer CRM and follow up with on a long term, consistent basis through a disciplined follow up process. We do not pre-qualify the lead. Our focus is to take all lead opportunities and turn them into APPOINTMENTS. We work diligently with the Internet Sales Team at the dealership to ensure that the customers are getting the information quickly and are handled by a professional when they arrive at the dealership. No matter how you do it, it is all about your people and the processes you have in place.

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