PART II: Why Your Internet Leads are Converting at Less Than 20% Net Delivery Ratio

Mathew Thomas

Be sure to read our previous post (Part I). If your Internet Lead Net Conversion Rate is less than 20%, it's because of one or more of the following reasons (continued from last week):


Your associates are:

6. NOT appointment focused, causing back & forth communication that does not end in a sale.

7. Too concerned about vehicle availability leading to appointments not set.

8. Controlled by the prospect.

9. Not following a consistent appointment confirmation process.

10. Treating and labeling the lead as DEAD when the prospect has not responded for a few days.

11. No solid long-term follow-up process.



6. Use a guide to be consistent.

7. Stop worrying about inventory and focus on the appointment.

8. Set an appointment within 2-3 volleys.

9. Confirm immediately after the appointment set PLUS a confirmation 24-hours prior.

10. Automate follow up < 30 days via email, phone, text, voice mail drop, physical mail, etc.

11. Automate follow up with a customized strategy for first 180 days. Then monthly until you get a response. (Can vary from company to the next depending on demographics, etc.)

Mark Rask

This is a really good guide.....try to remember transparency

Chris K Leslie

Confirm Confirm Confirm. I am amazed at how many folks lack that simple step. 


Customers keep grinding for a price before they will come in. I train my department staff not to get in the haggle war. What happens is just as you said they don't set the appointment, I get more practice and we don't sell the appointment nor the vehicle. I am finding this very true more so with Toyota customers than any other. Your feedback to this would be appreciated.

Mark Rask

Todd that is  a tough one ......My reps would try to head that off up front 

Mathew Thomas

Hi Todd,

I wrote a blog post on LinkedIn that addresses the BEST PRICE issue.  Check it out here at

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